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Nantea Dance Company

Nantea Dance Company is a Tanzanian-based non-profit contemporary dance company founded in 2015 by Tadhi Alawi and Samwel Japhet. The company provides multifaceted performances and community-based projects and hopes to contribute to promoting and developing the contemporary dance scene in Tanzania and inspire youths to become ambassadors of growth and social change. The company’s productions have toured including: The Netherlands, Israel, Latvia, USA, Mozambique, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Germany, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Nantea Dance Company was founded in 2015 with the aim of empowering and promoting contemporary dance scene in East Africa - Tanzania. Producing new dance performances, organising dance programs and running events as a way to connect our existence with young generation to inspire and encourage their eager in Dance. Since 2018 until now Nantea Dance Company is actively organising Contemporary Dance Night once a year, Nje Ndani Dance Outreach and running dance workshops in the dance Festivals in and out of Africa. 

Our Team

Tadhi Alawi, Founding Member - Creative Director

Samwel Japhet Silas, Founding Member - Artistic Director

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