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45 mins I produced by Nantea Dance Company

Music composed by Shabani Mugado 

HUMAN: Life in a rapidly changing world, is a multimedia performance containing dance, film projection, Motiongraphics and music. It is a tale set on three young men living in a village, where their community is facing a humanitarian crisis caused by food and water shortages, diseases, and drought. At the same time, the world around them is experiencing a rise in the use of technology and industrialization that has led to other various calamities like air pollution, epidemics, and conflicts which in turn have triggered migration and human trafficking. Set in an artificial imitation of the reality of the world, HUMAN: Life in a rapidly changing world is a reflection of humanity’s struggles against climate change, conflict and unprecedented societal changes.



40 mins I produced by Nantea Dance Company

Music composed by Shabani Mugado 

The performance telling stories and showing perspectives about Dar es Salaam since Tadhi was born until now and what the future of Dar es Salaam will be.!! Tadhi Alawi is a dancer and choreographer who was born in the slum area in Mwananyamala, Dar es Salaam. He has witnessed these changes while growing up living in different districts of Dar es Salaam and finding his own way to project the voice through his own movement inspired by the lifestyle and community who grew up with in the city of Dar es Salaam. The idea of the concept came up after asking himself questions about how the community changed? How did the city change? And how did these two aspects inFluence each other? What is Tanzania without Umoja? What is Dar es Salaam without Ujamaa? In Dar es Salaam what will happen without these?

A moment 3.jpg


15 - 45 mins I produced by Nantea Dance Company

Music composed by Shabani Mugado 

A moment is a duet which demonstrates the complexity and layers of a moment. It talks about how a moment can change an individual’s attitudes to thoughts, experiences and life in general. The interpretation of this piece shows the power of courage, built up through the events that happen in ones life by surprise and later lead us to patience, attentiveness and understanding in facing challenges or joys.

The dance piece explores the questions of how moments define our existence and how our existence and experiences depend on how we experience the current moments.

The dance is centered around the concept of moments, existence, courage and our unique and personal interaction with them. It explores the physical and emotional possibility to demonstrate our shared moments with one another and how we show support, care and comfort while experiencing it.

Fake it until you make it

15 mins I choreographed by Tadhi Alawi

A contemporary dance theater piece that talks about the journey of artists to success. All artists have dreams and plans to success but in middle of the journey most of them give up because of the challenges that line their careers for so long, freedom, abuse, betrayal, rape, despair, a lack of money, a life full of drama. All artists have to pass some of those challenges to achieve success in their career. Unfortunately their success will never show the reality to audiences and people. Instead people start to see an illusion of a successful career and confuse it with a successful life.

Short and Tall

15 mins I choreographed by Tadhi Alawi and Samwel Japhet

A dance performance that refers to the life and habits of every day in our lives. In the life of tall and short has ruled contempt and who would rather break off the relationship because of the heights, in every corner of the world there’s this type of friends who remain in their friendship and relationship tend to overlap between the individual heights.

UTU (Dignity)

45 mins I choreographed by Tadhi Alawi 

UTU is the performance showing people with Kindness and people without kindness, When there is no dignity people run from their homes Also the performance talks about frequent civil war in different countries in Africa and out of Africa. The innocent generation lost
We believe countries like Congo, Somalia, Burundi etc. are tired of civil and wants piece just like others countries.

Value of Life

20 mins I choreographed by Nantea Dance Company

Inspired through a read about the poaching of elephants in the Tanzanian ‘Citizen’ Newspaper, the WWF Reports and watching television news.  As patriots of our lovely country and an artists who can address social problems through dance, we worked on this project aimed at educating people about the importance of living with wildlife without killing them. A lot of people from different countries come to watch the wildlife of Tanzania which can generate good income for development.

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