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Contemporary Dance Night
About Contemporary Dance Night

Since 2018, Nantea Dance Company organizes a dance event called Contemporary Dance Night twice a year in January/February and July/October. The aim of this dance event is to provide a platform for young Tanzanian contemporary dance artists to present their works to a diverse audience. In the future, Nantea Dance Company strives to invite accomplished choreographers, artistic directors of festivals and companies from Africa and other continents to the event. Thus Tanzanian dance artists will have the opportunity to presents their works, to exchange and to network with invited guests from regional and international dance scenes.

Contemporary Dance Night has successfully attracted national and international audiences and is taking place in different venues; it is known to be well organized and free of charge with the possibility to donate a free amount. With every past edition we observed a growth in the audience which might be due to the improvements we could make as we provide materials to leave feedback to performers and organizers on a feedback desk. 

With the upcoming editions of Contemporary Dance Night we plan to take it another step further. If we gain access to the full amount of our planned budget, we will be enabled to set our beforehand low budget event on a bigger scale and Nafasi Art Space will take a big impact for any future editions. The process of making the upcoming event happen can start much earlier. We will be able to increase the starting point and the quality of our advertisement and through that and the network of Institutions and Nantea Dance Company reach a higher amount and even greater diversity of people. On top we can take more effort in inviting artists that live further away from Dar es Salaam and outside of Tanzania, reaching wider corners of the contemporary arts scene, spreading the word about the event and making it even more interesting to local visitors and visitors from outside. With a higher quality of the event we will built a path further towards future events to be sustainably running as more and more people and other companies will be willing to join and support an event that has been proven as trusting, enjoyable, enriching to them.

Nje Ndani Outreach
About Nje Ndani Outreach

Nje Ndani, meaning "In and Out," is an outreach dance project initiated by Nantea Dance Company, aims to contribute to the improvement of Tanzania's dance sector by empowering and inspiring emerging Tanzanian dance artists who aspire to establish themselves in the international dance scene. The project is designed to increase the knowledge and competencies of emerging Tanzanian dance artists in the areas of artistic expression, creative entrepreneurship, self-management, networking, international touring, and understanding contracts and regulations, through workshops, seminars, and open dialogues.

The program intends to act as a springboard for early-stage dance artists aged between 18 to 25 years to kickstart their careers. The program focuses on artists who seek to refine their dance techniques, deepen their understanding of movement, explore new forms of artistic expression and storytelling. Nje Ndani aims to offer the emerging dance artists with creative skills and knowledge to thrive as entrepreneurs and professionals in the international dance scene, and provide them with access to information opportunities.

Nje Ndani provides a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and encouraging collaboration among Tanzanian dance artists. Through workshops, seminars, and open dialogues, the project aims to facilitate discussions on various topics, including freedom of expression, the future of dance in Tanzania, social issues, the local and international performing arts industry, sustainability in the arts, and the role of digital technology.

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